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Fresh Cream Truffles

Fresh Cream Truffles



Our amazing truffles are made using only cream, chocolate, fruit and other fine ingredients. You really can taste the difference. Each truffle is handmade and twice dipped in finest belgian chocolate. We don't use any preservatives in our truffles, which means you need to eat them up within 2 weeks of purchase. Nightmare. 

Choose between:

Dark Chocolate Ganache: a blend of 72% cocoa dark belgian chocolate and fresh cream

Brandy: dark fresh cream ganache made with finest belgian chocolate (72%) and a good slosh of brandy

Milk Ganache: fresh cream blended with milk chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate then finished with a little white chocolate

Chilli and Tequila: dark chocolate ganache blended with tequila and chilli

White Chocolate: Smooth creamy fresh cream and white chocolate ganache that just melts away in your mouth, dipped in white Belgian chocolate and white chocolate crumbles.

Please note that this is a handmade product, the appearance may vary and all weights are approximate. 

Weight: 12 Truffles, boxed, 150g approx