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About Us

I Should Coco is an artisan chocolate shop which produces a wide range of chocolate products by hand on site. 

We specialise in fine Hand Made Fresh Chocolates using local Cornish Cream and Fruit and as many other Local Ingredients as possible! We only ever use real chocolate - that is, chocolate with 100% Cocoa Butter, a good cocoa content and natural Vanilla.

And we’re so proud of our product that we make all these lovely goodies by hand - right here in our shop, in full view of all our customers!

Stepping into I should Coco is like stepping into chocolate shop heaven. A tangible and edible paradise in St Ives. Wickedly displaying a huge selection of truffles with all sorts of weird and wonderful flavour combinations; all handmade and produced in store. This is a truly creative and unique space.
by Melodie Manners

I Should Coco is a bit different from your bog-standard chocolate shop. Launched in 2008, we are a small family business, dedicated to handmaking the most scrumptious chocolates in the West Country.

We use fresh cream and wondrous local ingredients in our award winning, small-batch truffles, ranging from Firey Chilli and Tequila to mellow and smooth Ganache. We specialise in personalised Chocograms - large slabs of the finest Belgian chocolate with a personal message in chocolate, decorated to suit your whim.

We can also create art slabs with the imager of your choice, so if you want Harry Styles face or your favourite pooch immortalised in chocolate - can we do it? YES WE CAN!

Childrens' and adults' chocolate workshops are available through Coco Kitchen, along with occasional tasting sessions.

I Should Coco and Coco Kitchen are within walking distance from all of the St. Ives' car parks, the St. Ives branch line train station and the Malakoff bus station. I Should Coco is in the heart of the town on Fore Street, one street back from the always beautiful St. Ives Harbour.

We are open from 10.00am to 5.00pm every day.