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Single Origin Chocolate

Single Origin Chocolate



Single origin chocolates are the product of one country, or sometimes one single estate. Just like fine wine, the flavours vary enormously according to the climate, altitude, and type of beans used. We hope you enjoy this very special chocolate experience. 

PERU: 64% Cocoa Dark Chocolate.   The ancient Incas of Peru cultivated cocoa for centuries before the new world was discovered, and only pure Peruvian beans are used in this chocolate. With an intense cocoa body, a very mild , pleasant bitterness and plenty of fruity aromas and flavours, this chocolate is pure excitement to the palate. Look for notes of Hazelnut and Pear.

ARRIBA: 39% Cocoa Milk Chocolate.   Unmistakably Arriba milk chocolate with an intense cocoa body and delicious fruity flavours. Plenty of creaminess and milk. look for subtle hints of exotic herbs and spices. 

JAVA: 32% Cocoa Milk Chocolate.   Produced using rare 'Java-A '  beans, what a taste sensation! A pale reddish colour, typical of Java Cocoa Beans, this Fabulous chocolate has flavours of Sweet Caramel and Biscuits with Fruity Notes.

ECUADOR: 70% Cocoa Dark.  Ecuador has quite a reputation when it comes to producing unique cocoa with wonderful distinctive flavours and strong aromas. We love this dark but very mild chocolate with top notes of red fruits, dried grasses and tropical flowers.