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Infusion Bars

Infusion Bars



We've blended the finest Belgian chocolate with herbs, spices and aromas from around the world to bring you our range of Infusion bars.

Habanero Chilli Pepper  is a must to try. Hands down favourite , our most popular infusion bar. 72% cocoa dark Belgian chocolate infused with a chilli warmth. Biting into a piece you'll get the delicious chocolate taste, then about 10 - 15 seconds later the warmth of the chilli.  Its not too hot, but the chilli tingle builds in your mouth the more squares you eat :)   72% coco dark belgian chocolate with Habanero Chilli Pepper.

Rose:  This is one of our most popular infusions. Just like chocolate, the aroma of rose has always been associated with an overall feeling of well being, and it blends wonderfully with our Delicious creamy milk chocolate, giving us the perfect combination. a match made in heaven. Belgian Milk chocolate with Rose oil

Nutmeg and Vanilla:  So Traditional its legendary, Nutmeg has been used by the British for hundreds of years to pep up milk puddings and custards, so , no surprises when we found it worked incredibly well when infused with our creamy milky white chocolate. Curl up under the duvet with teddy for this one. The taste of childhood lost. Pure white Belgian chocolate with nutmeg and vanilla.

Sugar and Spice The ancient Iincas of Peru flavoured their chocolate with spices of many kinds. We've used an infusion of Cinnamon and Ginger to make this deliciously aromatic and spicy bar. 72% coco dark belgian chocolate with cinnamon and ginger.

Orange Blossom and Geranium

Deliciously floral, this delicate infusion of Aromatic Orange Blossom and Geranium with delicious creamy milk chocolate does a little waltz with your senses. Belgian Milk Chocolate with Orange Blossom and Geranium


The dark chocolate is suitable for vegans and is dairy free. All the chocolate is gluten free. 

Please note that this is a hand made product, the appearance may vary and all weights are approximate. 

Dimensions: 75mm x 160mm

Weight: 80g approx